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My name is Fuad khattab , I am from Jordan , I am about 15 years old , I am muslim , I started to learn more about Islam this year, and I believe that every one of us muslims should do the same , I like programming websites , I can do php , js , jquery , html , css , and In sha' Allah I'll be learning more programming languages in future from the things that i want to be good at is ajax , node.js , cpp , and rails , I also would like to visit many places as KSA , UAE , Malaysia , I am not pretty friendly , I like spending time alone more than with people , but I still like to take a bit from a time to another , I googled a lot that's why I knew stackexchange because it comes in every search (I am talking the stack overflow not all sections ) . and forget to say something ,, I AM FUNNY :D :) nhf2h

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