MySQL 4.1 was released on 2004. Our company was using that version until 2019. I started working here since 2011 with no experience in any RDBMS and only a one-time attempt in programming through IRC; which "IRC scripts" was popular that time and I did a few of those scripts with the help of copy pasting from "snippets". I did however make a dialog from scratch but that's that.

Since 2011, I've got no clear work instructions. I was given "junior tasks" and have a lot of free time so I explore the MySQL and began my own projects. I stumbled a few times, made mistakes but none were so severe in my manager's eye (even if I think a couple of them were severe).

The year 2019 was something like a new second beginning for me. Previously, I was all about learning MySQL queries and such. Then, I decided to persuade my manager so that I can upgrade all of our servers to MariaDB 10.3; given that the MySQL version was too old and performed very bad. I alone made the upgrade for more than 20 servers. 2019 was also the year I started to learn about Node.js. This was triggered by the need of new simple program but we were short on Programmers.

Currently, I'm expanding my Node.js projects and also started to learn basic PHP.

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