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Examining fatwa-request questions

A fatwa is a verdict. So maybe I'll start my answer with an off-topic comment by saying that AFAIK none of us is qualified to give fatwa. This means if the inquiry needs ijtihad (there's no verdict ...
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Examining fatwa-request questions

I think the thing that bothers me most about this class of questions is how few of them (e.g. none of the ones in the actual list) actually define the point of view they're (a) asking for, or (b) ...
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Examining fatwa-request questions

Here, I aim to give a coarse quantitative analysis of answers to fatwa-request questions. The aim is to better understand how important fatwa-request questions are at Islam.SE. I use a simple ...
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We need to set a standard for fatwa questions

As a site that is meant to be more of a study group and aims at posting all relevant views, a fatwa of any nature seems to be out of scope. Hence, what I recommend is if an answer can demonstrate the ...
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