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Can we add the 'spam' and 'rude or abusive' reason for flagging on 'close' so then voters can vote to close it as 'spam or rude/abusive'?

This question that has been vandalised by its author and other questions that are spam/rude or abusive needs to be closed down. However, the only way to close it down for the reason of being spam or ...
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Why is "Is converting to Islam easier than Judaism?" being voted as off topic?

The question Is converting to Islam easier than Judaism? has now received four close votes, and I'm wondering why: Question: Why is "Is converting to Islam easier than Judaism?" being voted as off ...
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Close-votes how to correct the duplicate-link (if possible)?

This is the 2nd occasion i wanted to vote to close a question and have chosen a link, but later found out there's a better fitting duplicate. The last time was as follows: I picked the duplicate link ...
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On hold and closing of new user's questions

Lately I've been asking myself how good/beneficial or bad can closing or putting on hold of new user's questions be. The point is maybe many new users may have questions that don't fit the SE model ...
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