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Is there any way to make the "radical Muslims" question suitable for this site?

"Why so many radical Muslims?" is an older question, recently-closed, which quite frankly is full of problems: It's asking about why there are "so many" radical Muslims, and about why "so many" ...
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Should the question about accusations be splitted into smaller questions?

I am writing in reference to this question; In this question, author presents a wall ...
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How to re-write the question in constructive way?

I recently posted the following question: Is there any islamic justification for killing the other Muslims with different Sharia'? It was initially put on hold with the given reason being that it ...
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Should the question "Intolerance in muslims" (17080) be closed?

Should the question Intolerance in muslims be closed for being a question on Muslim culture or behaviour unrelated to the teachings of Islam [..]. See: Islam SE: Not an Muslim Peer Support Group. ?...
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