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List of Islam-related books (in English)

Lately I've seen a few people quoting books on fiqh etc. which seem to be available online. I thought it could be beneficial for all of us to have a post where we can find a collection of English ...
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How to ask about Muslim opinion of two particular books, and books in general?

Some years ago, I naively bought a gigantic, four-volume set of Al-sira Al-nabawiyya by Ismail ibn Kathir. My understanding is that his Tafsir is widely considered authoritative, but the biographies ...
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My answer was deleted for supposed "Plagiarism"?

My answer ( It is not permissible to greet and/or congratulate Kuffar on their holidays, an example ...
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Should we forbid linking to anti-any-religious groups sites?

I came here to seek truth and I assume others also look for the same, which means I should expect beliefs against mine and rejection of my basics in religion. All good, but I've seen recently where ...
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non-translated Arabic quotations

Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh. I have added an Arabic quotation in this answer, and didn't have time to translate it. Then the comment-argument on that answer came. Ezati says that ...
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should we prevent some sources?

there are some sources/websites that are against Islam completely, and gives people wrong information by fraudulently translating into english . for example : should we ...
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Where are the reliable sources?

I have see a lot of fatwa coming from the Islam Q&A already. Do we know the reliability of this source? What sources are reliable? How can we know?
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