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2 answers

Quoting verses along with Arabic

Salam to all friends. I think you all do know that Injeel, Torah, Zaboor have been corrupted. As I was thinking about reasons of their corruption I thought main reason was translations. Since long ...
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1 answer

Quality of References While Answering

If I read an answer of a question in a relatively recent academical paper, written by a professor or associate professor etc, while answering can I refer to it? Would it be enough? Or should I trac ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Do evidences speak for themselves?

We here have had a long and ugly history of copy-paste; as a site we actually seem to have had some success at discouraging these posts, which is an important step toward distinguishing us as a ...
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Is there any academic value to explicitly calling out Sunni sources to prove Shi'ite opinions?

I don't mean to limit this question exclusively to Shi'a->Sunni arguments, but it was directly prompted by the recent question, According to shia, (by relying on Sunni sources), What evidences prove ...
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