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Qur'an is holy book of Islam. In islam, what is in Quran considered the verbatim words of Allah (celle celaluhu). Quran is primary resource for Islam.

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Salam'alaykum Muslim Members of Islam Stackexchange! I would like to ask several questions about Islam. But my questions involve technical aspects of Islamic knowledge. I mean my questions are ...
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Does keep posting Quran translations on the Internet, can make a threat on the original Arabic script in the future?

I understand it's almost impossible to lose the original script as we have millions of copies of the same exact Arabic book (on paper and digitally and in the savers(حفظة) hearts) and we have Islamic ...
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Is there a normalized way to quote the Qur’an?

Is there a standard and normalized way to correctly cite the Qur’an? And especially to cite, not only the sorates but also the ayats?
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The Recommended Form of Quoting Quran

I think it's important that we are able to follow a recommended way to quote from the Quran so that posts here look and feel coherent together, and hopefully all maintain a high standard. It also ...
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Can we ask always include Arabic text of Ayah?

Can we ask whoever that gives just a translation of Ayah to include original text too?
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