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Plagiarism is taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. Plagiarism is not allowed on here and plagiarized answers are deleted without warning.

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Is asking a question on another site and paste the answer here considered as plagiarism?

Is it ok if I copy some of the good unanswered questions asked here and ask them in an Arabic Islamic site that has scholars answering and then post the answer here. Would that be considered as ...
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Deleting answer by moderator even after providing evidence that he is wrong!

I have answered a question here and have provided references and have mentioned authors names and ...
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Review the deleted question

why you delete it not all of the question is copy paste .I can edit some paragraph no problem but its a clear answer for the question
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My answer was deleted for supposed "Plagiarism"?

My answer ( It is not permissible to greet and/or congratulate Kuffar on their holidays, an example ...
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Need explanation from GoldPsedo about removal of an answer

Here is the question, where i have provided answer of my own word, with set of 2 hadith. And my answer was deleted by biased moderator Goldpseudo.i need its explanation that how it was plagiarism. And ...
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Can we we accept answers from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia? [duplicate]

Recently, I made an answer to one of the questions of this site. When searching the sources with the aim of finding the answer, I came across a complete and referenced answer from Wikipedia. As you ...
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Should plagiarized posts have links when they are closed/deleted?

I have seen this answer and many others being deleted for plagiarism reason. When I personally try to dig in and find out the original text, I am usually out of luck. Can we add a link to the original ...
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How can I post my own work from an external site without it being flagged as plagiarism?

I had written an article on another site which I felt was relevant to a question here, so I decided to re-post it as an answer. However, it ended up flagged and deleted as plagiarism. Obviously the ...
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Why was my answer deleted?

My answer to this question was deleted because a moderator came to the wrong conclusion that I plagiarized the answer. It was not anywhere near plagiarism. How can I get my answer reinstated?
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Take pride in your community, and work to build a site you can be proud of

I wish I didn't have to write this. But this site is in trouble. Nearly two years ago, one of my co-workers at the time wrote Why Sectarianism is Ruining Your Site, warning y'all about the dangers ...
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What is plagiarism in this answer?

This answer from a new users was deleted for plagiarism. I did a quick search of the answer and did not find any copy and past text. Even I could not even find quoted verse in the page. Not sure what ...
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Is the answer 8486 to "Was the Noah flood global or local?" plagiarised?

Is this answer to Was the Noah flood global or local? plagiarised? The problem is that the other sources of this exact content of this answer are timed too close to when it was submitted here. The ...
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Why my answer to question 12848 is not undeleted?

My answer to the following question ( was deleted for plagiarism. I believed that this is not ...
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The copy-paste issue, revisited

Back in the early days of the site, we decided that we didn't really care much for copy-paste answers, and especially not for plagiarism. They are, at best, half a step up from a link-only answer, ...
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The pseudo-plagiarisms and expert answers on Islamic rulings

I understand that this issue has been discussed before (1, 2, 3). Whenever, I see a question for which there is not a direct answer either from Hadith or Quran (most of the questions fall under this ...
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can questions be plagerized?

a recent question on was an exact duplicate question, but its duplicated from a different website. my question is, if it is considered plagiarism to copy a question from a different website, ...
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"Improperly Quoted Answers will be Deleted on Sight" Proposal

Mark Gravell recent activity has set a pretty strong precedent for an issue that the rest of us have been tip-toeing around: what to do with answers that are blanket copy-paste, without being properly ...
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What to do about plagiarism?

Unfortunately, I have noticed answers in this community are more susceptible to plagiarism than in other communities. (More specifically, plagiarizing without permission and/or attribution from ...
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