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Read this before declaring "it's not fair"

0. What is this post? We get occasional meta posts where a user basically decides "it's not fair" for some reason or another. The content here should be considered basic background ...
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Why was my answer about "this site is in trouble" post deleted on meta?

My answer to this Take pride in your community, and work to build a site you can be proud of was deleted. It is a very important concern brought by one of the SE moderator. I voiced my concern and ...
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What policy are we to adopt in the copy-pasted answer was self-authored?

What should we do if the answer that was copy-pasted from an external source was actually authored by the user themselves? Possible cases: It's a complete copy-paste without blockquotes It's a ...
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Allow users to undelete posts deleted by a moderator

Right now, moderator delete-votes are binding; any diamond moderator can insta-delete a post without having to go through the normal voting process. This is by design, important to ensure problems ...
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Why were my comments deleted from the answer?

My comments were deleted from this answer Basically I commented on the answer and wanted clarification. The answer acknowledge that but my comments and ...
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