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Can anybody please undelete my deleted posts?

There was a question which has been deleted by a moderator and there are some that I deleted, and I was thinking to undelete all of them so that this time, I can improve my posts including the one ...
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Moderator abuse of power? [duplicate]

Nearly all of my answers and questions are either being deleted or put on hold, despite meeting all the criteria/not breaking any rules to my knowledge. Example: Does Allah commit shirk by swearing ...
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Why is question 14741 deleted?

What is unclear about question 14741? had no benefit for me to know the unclear points of the question, (although I believed it was clear, I raised that for possible clarifications). Surprisingly, ...
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Why was my question about inheritance deleted?

I asked This question stayed for quite some time but then some users closed it and I finally a moderator ...
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Based on what site policy and by what decision making process the question

There has been a meta discussion here about what to do about this question: But I am ...
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Who controls the moderator?

Recently I had posted an answer on Islam Beta on the question What does 786 mean? It indeed is a good question with many detailed and substantial answers. Seeing the above answers with lots of ...
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