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Chat is a real time, persistent collaborative feature for the The Stack Exchange Network community. Only members of The Stack Exchange Network with at least 20 reputation may talk here – but all the conversations are free, open, and public to read by anyone.

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2 answers

The idea of establishing a support group over chat?

I understand that the main site is not an appropriate venue for establishing a support group, but what if we invited people who feel they need help over to chat for further discussion? Questions like ...
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Another round of chat suspesions: Is it really about civility law or political correctness?

Yes! We've had this in the past. Every time certain political topics are brought up in chat, the moderator's iron fist descends on me! But now there are two or maybe three of us apparently trespassing ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can anybody unfreeze our main chat room?

A few days ago i found myself in a frozen chat room. AFAIK only the owner of a room can unfreeze a frozen room but maybe mods can do something or do we need to create a new room? As community we ...
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How to delete chat rooms when we're done chatting?

Chat rooms always show up even there is no user activity at a present time. Chat rooms stay even after days. How to delete them? And can we delete them? No one is going to learn things from a chat ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Why was I suspended in chat for having an intellectual debate?

An hour ago, I had a chat room discussion with another user regarding a political issue, and yes! it was about the 9/11 incident and what we thought to be the real culprits of those terrorist attacks. ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Suspended in chat on trying to make the other user compliant to etiquette

I and another user @infatuated were suspended in chat after I tried to make a case that we should not speak ill of sahabas , but she hesitated and did not agree with me, this caused the only mod to ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Chat Sessions/Events (suggestions for date/name/subjects)

I asked in the main chat room our noble moderator goldPseudo about the possibility of starting chat sessions and he replied as follows: We can definitely schedule organized chat sessions, it's just ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why ISIS related discussion is not allowed in Chat?

As you enter the main Islam chat, you find the banner "ISIS related discussion not allowed", although we have a policy that political discussions in chat are to be allowed. Yet the mod chooses to ...
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1 answer

How can we create a friendly environment on Islam.SE and deal with sectarianism?

In my past couple of chats, my comments are constantly been deleted by one of the moderator. If I express my opinion which that is slightly against moderation (not a moderator) my comments are deleted ...
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4 answers

What should we name our chat room?

Our primary chat room is named "Islam" (described as "General discussion for"). While accurate, I feel that this is decidedly boring. So, given that being boring is bad and ...
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