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Vote to "Accepted Answer" if questioner has abandoned their question without accepting an answer

There are a lot of questions that have received many answers but either the question owner abandoned the question or did not bother to accept an answer. In such a case, will it be an appropriate ...
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Was this edit at all appropriate (Q#29)?

Via an obsolete comment flag, I ended up looking through an old answer ( However, I am very much at a loss to decide if this comment is in any way obsolete. ...
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Not acceptance of answers

I see quite often that some answers which are clear and good referenced (containing verses etc) are not accepted. Not just mine, but others's as well. I am not talking about answers open to comments ...
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What should be done about answer 5479 to Shape and size of beard in Islam?

This answer to Shape and size of beard in Islam has a huge chunk of copy-paste content in it. The original text that it contains which attempts to answer the question is in the "Shia" section. Putting ...
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Why does an accepted answer earn 15 rep?

Question in title. In contrast, an accepted answer in earns 35 rep for the answerer. Is it a general thing or is there a specific reason for this difference? And should we ...
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Is it okay to have a 0% accept rate on this site?

I have recently come under some criticism for having a 0% accept rate. I want to ask the community how they feel about this. Please note, that I do intend to accept some answers, but I feel it's a ...
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Any solution for accepting a reply as an answer for a faith-based question?

I believe a lot of question will remain without any accepted answer because Islam is not like mathematics and is more based on faith, so each reply can be answer according to the reader faith or none ...
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Who is allowed to pick best answer?

I realized that the questionnaire at a normal Q&A site has the most right to choose the best answer, but shouldn't the "best answer" really be the best answer? on the question do people get killed ...
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