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Why Sectarianism is Ruining Your Site

This morning I spent a solid two hours clearing out a whole mess of flags, comments, and suspending users for inflammatory and nonconstructive remarks. Four days after ashes999 posted his plea for ...
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No Tolerance for Intolerance

I've noticed a trend among some people that they attack other people's ideologies. That is to say, they go through answers that have, say, hadith, and say things like: All hadith are not authentic ...
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What to do about plagiarism?

Unfortunately, I have noticed answers in this community are more susceptible to plagiarism than in other communities. (More specifically, plagiarizing without permission and/or attribution from ...
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Quickly turning into a Shia-Sunni debate site

I am a user (read reader) of many SE sites and what I like about every SE site is that over time, the cream rises to the top. By that I mean that the people who are most knowledgeable in their ...
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Islam SE: Not a Muslim Peer Support Group

I recently closed a question which raises an issue we've only just been skirting around. Remember that the purpose behind an "Islam Stack Exchange" is to build a compilation of knowledge about the ...
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Self proclaimed scholars a danger?

Should this sites visitors be protected from the views of self proclaimed scholars? If you look at this question: Can Qur'an be touched without wudu? It seems that the favored answer is by a ...
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Should we tighten our scope?

Currently, our scope is defined in the Help Centre as: Islam Stack Exchange is for Muslims, experts in Islam, and those interested in learning more about Islam. The Stack Exchange model works best ...
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Proposal for new FAQ

We have been without a proper FAQ for too long. Based on meta activity and my own understanding of the community we're building here, I have taken the liberty of drafting one, which I have posted as ...
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Let's go back to the old scope description?

I'm proposing we go back to the site's original scope. About three years ago, Islam.SE changed its scope from: Islam Stack Exchange is for Muslims, experts in Islam, and those interested in ...
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How do this site filters out answers from scholar vs non scholar?

Islam to Muslims is an essential part of their life. It is not an academic or technical thing to play around, so I was wondering how does this site filter out answers from scholars vs non scholars? ...
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Proposed revision of the FAQ (on-topic) page, February 2017

Here's my proposed revision of the on-topic page. It's basically a complete rewrite, adding ideas from the meta, and combining them with ideas from the other sites and their meta sites. The previous ...
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Can we more precisely define which "culture or behavior" questions are off topic?

TL;DR: "Culture or behavior" is currently off-topic, but it's hard to distinguish from Islam. Issues arise, e.g.: 1. declaring Muslim groups invalid by labelling their Islam as "culture"; 2. no means ...