First of all, Please read this question by a Muslima.

Please reopen the question, as it will benefit the asker, plus a lot of visitor, and our IslamStackExchange will be a reliable source for scholarly guidance.

When a person asks question about love and relationship it tends to be verbose. In those cases, rather than closing it as unclear, why not re-word the body and make it clear?

When a desperate person recognizes what he/she is doing and asks for suggestion, we should help him/her. Because that will

  1. make us better muslims
  2. guide the asker in a right path and prevent him/her from being uninterested in religion.

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That question cannot be reopened because there doesn't seem to be question in that post. It's a post asking for guidance and advice which is off-topic since it tends to be opinion-based and doesn't add to the collective knowledge about Islam. And Islam SE: [Is] Not a Muslim Peer Support Group

This site is strictly about the subject of Islam and is NOT an "Islamic" site!.

The point at which that post currently stands, a good question, while editing/rewording in the spirit of clarify[ing] the meaning of a[the] post without changing it, can hardly be done. And it's incumbent on OP to do that, not the community.

The burden of asking a good, well-researched and effort driven question is on the asker if they want to get a good and well rounded answer which they could, at their own discretion, use to be a better muslim and/or as a guide to the right path with a caveat of accept[ing] ... answers at your own risk.

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