If a question is expecting view of a particular sect should it mention so inside parenthesis in the title that what view it is expecting?

If not, then what else is suggested to be done?

Reasoning required

  • A clear indication in the body add a well written question will do anyway and correct tagging should take care of this. Nothing is particularly wrong with having it in the subject but it is a bit cluttering after a while and should not be required, at most allowed if the OP prefers it so.
    – Caleb
    Jan 19, 2014 at 22:46

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In general, I would say no; formatting titles in that way effectively just treats the requested view as a tag, and we already have tags to do that job. It would be better on principle to just include it in natural-language. Take the following two examples:

  1. What is the ruling on such-and-such? (Shi'a view)
  2. What is the Shi'a ruling on such-and-such?

Not only is the second one (slightly) shorter, but it also puts more emphasis on the fact that it's actually a Shi'a ruling that's requested. The first one, it feels like the requested view is more of an afterthought than an integral part of the question; I suspect that many people would read the question (i.e. the sentence that ends with a question mark) and be inclined to skip over the parenthetical entirely.

Grammatically speaking, a parenthesis is something that can be removed from a sentence without (significantly) changing the meaning, while still leaving it grammatically correct; it effectively acts as a de-emphasisis, which is useful for adding transient information or clarification, but it shouldn't be used to house critical information. If removing it from the question title fundamentally changes the question, it is being used incorrectly.


Might you don't do this please? If you put it in parenthesis we may lose the viewpoint of others sects. I mean if we have the Shia and Sunni both answers for a question it lets us to improve our knowledge and learning.

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