Currently, there are only two off-topic closure reasons besides belonging on a different SE site. They are

Questions on Muslim culture or behaviour unrelated to the teachings of Islam are off-topic here.


Questions on politics are off-topic as they're rarely productive or relevant to the teachings of Islam

I often find a variety of questions that I want to flag as off-topic, but none of the off-topic closure reasons match. For example, I think that questions asking for a practical ruling about specific circumstances should be off-topic is too narrow.

Furthermore, I think that there should be an "Other" option so that the person voting to close can specify why he/she thinks that the question is off topic.


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Inre "practical ruling" questions being off-topic

I feel that such questions are low-quality, but that's more because we haven't quite found the right balance between "too general" and "too specific" to make them constructive; I disagree that such questions are fundamentally off-topic for this site.

The issue is probably complex enough to warrant a whole meta discussion on its own.

Inre "other" close reason

There already is an "other" close reason, but it's only available for users who are actually casting close votes (which requires 500 rep on beta sites). Such an option is not available to those low-rep users who can only flag a closeable post for review but can't cast actual close votes themselves.

There are pending feature requests on meta.SO to include a default off-topic reason for flaggers, but I don't know that any progress has been made on that.

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