What is the best strategy when we see some question does not fully match the website policies, but can be modified to match? I mean the questions that do not break the redlines

  • Closing it immediately by a single moderator click
  • Let it to see if the community makes 5 close votes over the post
  • Downvoting the question and making a comment why it does not fit the website policies
  • Editing the question and letting it to be peer-reviewed by the asker/community

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Close and comment. Closing is a temporary state, unlike how closing works on forums. Many closed questions can be edited to fit the rules, and then reopened. If you feel a post is salvageable, comment somewhat like:

(Welcome to Islam Stack Exchange!) Unfortunately, your question is/has (list issues), and I am (closing/voting to close) it as (OT/NARQ/NC/Too localized). If you can edit it so that (something), we'd be happy to reopen it.

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