There are many instances where a person may be asked to edit their question to fit into the general theme of the stack exchange website. But when one takes a long time to respond, the appropriate response would be to vote to close the question.

Also, many people realize their question is at risk of being closed, and edit it due to pressure.

But it is possible to withdraw a close vote if the questionnaire suddenly takes the appropriate action, and edits their question?

many people would go to the review page, and once they see 3 or 4 close vote, they will also be encouraged to give the last vote.

Is their a possibility of allowing people to withdraw their vote if they feel the question should no longer be closed?


Unfortunately NO

It is

Read this answer by stackexchange co-owner

declining -- you can always cast a reopen vote if the post gets closed.

Also note that all close votes automatically expire after two days.

(and for that matter reopen votes, or any other vote that attempts to reach a threshold -- otherwise, over an absurdly long period of time, say 10 years, everything would reach the threshold eventually through a tiny trickle of accumulated votes)

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