I have a question about my Islam Stack Exchange post: Looking to communicate with Allah and getting supplications as well as prayers accepted

I wanted this post to benefit the community as well as myself. I wanted to ask this question in a way journalist or newsreporter ask question from an authority figure. I want this post to be educational community run and moderated properly.One post collects all the answers to this question and everyone gets to respond . The best answers are voted up and I can choose the answer im looking for. This question will help everyone . Please allow it and reconsider voting or ask this question yourself , any moderator can ask it. I don't want negative effects of this question. It does not have clear answer so let's gather all possible answers.

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The title of the posting you are asking about isn't a question, and the body of the question itself doesn't contain a single "?". There is no actual question in the posting.

Questions must be in the form of a question.

It does however contain 2 "me"s, 2 "my"s, and 12 "I"s.

Questions must be about something that could be of concern to others, not about you.

Please take the time to think about what fundamental question you really want answered, and then ask that question, as clearly as possible, and omitting all references to yourself.

Well thought out, well presented, reasonable questions do get answers.

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