i know there many sects in islam and only one of them will go to jannah as the prophet said صلى الله عليه وسلم , so is this stack exchange for everyone to post questions and have them answered, for example the shia, or just ahl al sunnah wal jamaa'ah? as far as i am concerned most the answers were sunnah based with the understanding of the righteous salaf, although i sadly saw people quoting one hadith and doing fatwa with it, even though there were other ahadith that would go exactly against it.


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No it is not, It is a community built site which includes Muslims and non-Muslims as well

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And you cannot take this as proof to consider other sects as wrong, each believes that their sect is righteous. Answers here cannot be taken as authentic proof.

And answers which are opinionated and from non-authentic sources are not welcomed here.

Otherwise, we need to add as many tags as sects so each will point to one sect of Islam.

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