I propose changing:

What's your Islam-related question? Be specific.


What do you want to learn about Islam? Ask a specific question.

This occurs in a gray font when we ask a question:

What's your Islam-related question? Be specific.

I think it's better because

  1. the question should be about Islam (not just related to Islam); it makes Islam the focus: we're learning about Islam, and

  2. it further highlights how the title should be in the form of a question (not e.g. Jesus Christ mother). See Advice for writing question titles on Islam.SE.

The main aim is to contribute to reducing "I'm a Muslim with a problem; what do I do?" questions, which are often related to Islam ("my husband said talaq"), but are not about Islam ("what do I do?").

I'm hoping it will nudge some authors to ask about the Islamic parts of their personally motivated problems (what do I need to learn about Islam to solve my problem?).

Question: Should we change "What's your Islam-related question? Be specific" to "What do you want to learn about Islam? Ask a specific question"?

For reference, the other religion sites have:

  • Buddhism.SE: What's your Buddhist philosophy, teaching, and practice question? Be specific.

  • Christianity.SE: What's your Christianity question? Be specific.

  • Hinduism.SE: What's your Hindu religion question? Be specific.

  • Judaism.SE: What's your Judaism question? Be specific.

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I do not see any harm in changing the default text; it may help. We can monitor over time if this has a positive impact on the quality of questions (title and content).

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