Hitting 87% answered

We started at 80% answered, then we hit 84% answered, and we just now hit 87% answered!! (After rounding.) From Area 51:

enter image description here

Jon Ericson ♦ previously mentioned that having 17% unanswered questions was holding us back from graduating. (See Are items from Jon Ericson's list from Jan 2016 still holding us back?)

A pat on the back

I feel like the community is really starting to gel. We're generating meaningful content day after day, and it's not just one knowledgeable user: lots of people are chipping in! It's an amazing effort!! Bear in mind that we get 16,000+ people visiting the site per day: people are seeing this.

About a year ago, I showed this site to a friend of mine, and he advised me to stay away from it and be very careful with what I learned here. A few weeks ago, I did the same thing with another friend, and I was amazed at how positive he was about the site.

When I joined, it was mostly goldPseudo diamond-hammer closing questions (and getting blamed for everything wrong with the site). At this time, it appeared that without goldPseudo, the site would easily fold. We are now far more able to self-moderate. Nowadays, we don't need diamond moderators to hold our hands all the time---we've got this: A sign of becoming a mature site: questions are being closed without diamond moderator intervention

Currently I feel that goldPseudo could turn around and say I want to become an astronaut, and the community could reply that's cool, we got this; enjoy space.

It feels like a different site to a few years ago. (See: Is this site being abandoned and neglected? from 1 year, 6 months ago)

The road to 90% answered

We got to 87% relatively easily: many questions were resolved by closing, triggering auto-delete, and upvoting answers to unanswered questions. To get to 90% answered we're probably going to need to answer maybe 200 to 300 unanswered questions.

This is why I made this post: List of 27 "unanswered" questions which are answered in the comments (Mar 2018) I feel like these questions can be easily answered.

The math:

  • The current number of questions is 8377. We divide by ten to obtain 837. This is the 10% unanswered level.

  • We're currently have 1127 unanswered questions.

  • So we need to answer 1127 - 837 = 290 questions.

We're not going to need to do exactly this: some will be closed/deleted, and it looks like we're answering incoming questions at a rate of 90%+.

Questions per day

We're also close to hitting 10 questions per day (When a site starts to consistently receive 10 questions/day, we’ll consider it for graduation meta.SE).

enter image description here

Here's the number of weekly questions (the orange line is the target):

enter image description here

I mentioned this here Getting closer to the 10 questions per day mark!, but it looks like that was prompted by a blip in the number of questions.

Of note, the "questions per day" metric is closely tied to the "answered" metric: When people see that existing questions are actually getting answers, especially good answers, they're more likely to ask more questions. – goldPseudo ♦

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