The question speaks for itself.

Islamic countries bring shame to world by executing people who do not believe in God.

Being an atheist, I do not want this website to exist on internet under an awesome platform i.e. Stack Exchange.

Why do you believe in a 1382 year old book and not science?

Why does this community even exist?

For preachment purposes? That's all I can figure out.

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    See the help center for what topics islam.se is for. It's not an apologetics website, although those do sift in a lot now and then. It's in everyone's interest to have solid information on Islam, us atheists as much as anyone else.
    – G. Bach
    Jul 26, 2017 at 21:28

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We form a significant proportion of the human race (1/4th) and people, both Muslims and others are interested in having reliable, sourced and well-presented information about our religion, and so this community exists, just like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

If you don't want this site to exist, then you are welcome to not use it.


I'll skip the rant, and answer the Islam.SE-related questions:

Why does this community even exist ?

Take a look around; we're here to learn about Islam. As long as you play nice with others, it's fine to be an atheist here; you don't even have to like Islam to participate.

I personally don't like homeopathy, yet the journal Homeopathy gets published by Elsevier, who also publish journals containing some of my best papers. I guess I don't like something is not reason enough for it not to exist.

For preachment purposes ? That's all I can figure out.

Preaching is not the intention of the site. (See e.g.: Islam—Stack Exchange is not for debates or apologetics.) That being said, (a) studying Islam will likely cause people to develop a more (dis)favorable opinion, and (b) preaching seems to slip in from time to time.


What ever you are doesn't play a roll.

On this site we are discussing Islam related topics, on an academical level, if you have a question on that you are welcome if not than spamming the site with views that are off-topic, and not going ahead with the site policies of being nice then you neither are welcome on Islam SE nor would you be on any site in the stack exchange network!

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