This post is about the question: Are all things that are not haram halal? It was recently put on hold by a diamond moderator:

put on hold as unclear what you're asking by Bleeding Fingers♦ 12 hours ago

It was originally closed as a duplicate:

Post Closed as "duplicate" by Rebecca J. Stones, Kilise, Medi1Saif, Sassir, nim of Is something is not Halal, does that mean it's Haram? occurred Sep 12 '16 at 13:18

For me this question is completely clear. What do you mean by selecting "unclear what you're asking"?

The body of the question is:

If something is not haram, is it always halal? I'm wondering if there is some grey area in between.


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Questions on this platform are expected to be elaborate. We eschew questions that are basically short/one-liners because they show lack of research prior-asking.

A rudimentary search provides a link to a question on our site as the first result. It was never explained as to why answers there didn't satisfy the question. Therefore unclear.

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