In response to this question Why do we need a "muslim" tag?, I proposed we get rid of the tag. The answer score is currently +3, and I've been editing questions in preparation for its removal. To my knowledge, nobody has complained.

I think we're ready to get rid of it now. Can we burninate/blacklist this tag?

Update: I've been editing it away bit by bit from the remaining questions. Now is only used for closed questions, which I'd prefer not to bump.

There is one question with only the tag : I want to know to marry her or not has the single tag but was merged and is now uneditable.

Alternative tags:

For future reference, consider using these alternatives:

In StackExchange tradition, I think I'm obligated to post this image:

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is now (manually) burninated.

I can't blacklist it, which would prevent it from coming back; so please keep an eye out for it coming back. It's unlikely to be used in any meaningful way: Why do we need a "muslim" tag?.

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