I'm hoping that over time we can create a positivity feedback loop ("pay it forward" style) on this site by upvoting one another's (worthy) content. This post is an attempt to stating the feedback look.

Be excellent to each other

To encourage users to post worthwhile content, we need to upvote it ("not downvoting" is not enough). Users need to get the impression that if they put in the effort, it's appreciated through upvoting.

It is imperative that beta users cast as many of their 30 daily votes as they can. -- Robert Cartaino, Director of Community Development, 2010

As a step towards this end, this post is aimed at identifying undervalued questions (perhaps I'll make a similar posts for answers later), and hopefully this will attract more upvotes to them in particular. None are 100% perfect (no question is), but when I see them, I think this could be answered.

Here's the list (none are my own questions):

January 2016 (search is:question created:2016-01 score:1):

February 2016:

March 2016:

April 2016:

May 2016:

June 2016:

July 2016:

August 2016:

September 2016:

October 2016:

November 2016:

December 2016:

January 2017:

February 2017:

March 2017:

I find the most suitable kinds of questions are those requesting a "unit of knowledge". The question gives a clear-cut goal for an answerer, and it would be easy to recognize an answer that meets that goal. Once someone gives an answer, the question can be considered "done"; it will have long-term usefulness and can be referenced in the future.

I tend to be generous with upvotes (after all, it's just +5 or +10 internet points)---I tend to think of "upvoting" as the default, and "not upvoting" is my downvoting. [Other people will have different voting philosophies. This doesn't make one philosophy "wrong"; in fact, this imbalance is necessary, as it results in different posts getting different scores.]

And, finally, perhaps the reader would like to highlight some questions they think are undervalued?

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