Often words on this site are used in Arabic transliteration form. This thread is intended as a lightweight glossary of frequently used words on this site, primarily for users who might not be familiar with Arabic transliterations.

A glossary was asked for here and a kind of glossary was supplied here, but that's for Arabic [as far as I can tell] rather than transliterated Arabic.

I "borrowed" this simple idea from a meta.math.SE post in the context of frequently used acronyms.

Wikipedia also has a Glossary of Islam which is more extensive, but harder to search.

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Allah الله - God


Gabriel جبريل - angel who revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad [also: Jibril]
Iblis ابليس - the devil; Satan
Isa عيسى - Jesus
Maryam مريم - Mary, mother of Jesus
Muhammad محمد - prophet Muhammad [also: Mohammad]
Musa موسى - Moses

Prayer types:

asr العصر - afternoon prayer
dua الدعاء - supplication prayer
fajr الفجر - dawn prayer
isha العِشاء - night prayer
jamaat الجماعة - congregational prayer
jumuah الجمعة - Friday congregational prayer [also: jumma]
maghrib المغرب - after sunset prayer
salah الصلاة - obligatory prayer
sobh الصبح - a synonym of dawn prayer
zuhr الظهر - noon prayer [also: dhuhr]

Prayer terminology:

rakat الركعات - prescribed movements and words during prayer
ruku الركوع - bowing during prayer
sujud السجود - prostration to Allah
takbir التكبير - the term for "Allahu akbar" (Allah is [the] greatest)

Hadith classification:

da'if ضعيف - weak hadith
hasan حسن - good hadith
sahih صحيح - authentic hadith

Quran terminology

ayah الآية - verse of the Qur'an
ayat الآيات - plural of ayah
surah السورة - chapter of the Qur'an
tafsir التفسير - interpretation of the Qur'an


adab الأدب - etiquette; good manners
adhan - call to prayer [also: azan]
akhirah الآخرة - afterlife
asma-ul-husna الأسماء الحسنى - the 99 names of Allah
awrah العورة - intimate parts of the human body
bidah البدعة - innovation in religious matters
bukhari - a major hadith collection [also: Sahih al-Bukhari]
din - creen; religion [also: deen]
eid al-adha - festival of the sacrifice
eid al-fitr - festival of breaking of the fast
fard - obligatory [also: farz]
fatwa - legal opinion
fatawa - plural of fatwa
fiqh - Islamic jurisprudence
ghusl - full body washing ablution
hajj - pilgrimage to Mecca
halal - permissible
hadith - reports on Muhammad
haram - forbidden; unlawful
hijab - veil worn by Muslim women
iddah - period of waiting
ijma - consensus
iman - believer's faith
imam - worship leader of a mosque
jannah - paradise [also: jannat]
jihad - struggle
jinn - creatures made from smokeless fire [also: djinn]
Kaaba - Islam's most sacred site; cube-shape structure Muslims prayer towards
kafir - unbeliever; disbeliever
qisas - retributive justice
qiyas - deductive analogy
Qur'an - central religious text of Islam
madhhab - school of thought
mahram - unmarriageable kin
makruh - discouraged; disliked
malaikah - angels
masjid - mosque; Islamic place of worship
mustahabb - recommended
mut'ah - temporary marriage
nafs - ego; soul
najis - ritually unclean things
niyyah - intention
Ramadan - ninth month of the Islamic calendar; month of fasting
rasul - messenger
rasulullah - messenger of Allah; prophet Muhammad
riba - usury; interest
nabi - prophet
nikah - marriage
sadaqah - voluntary charity
sahaba - companions of Muhammad
sawm - fasting
sharia - Islamic religious law
sihr - witchcraft
sunnah - verbally transmitted record of Muhammad
taharah - purity
talaq - divorce
tasweer - picture making
tawba - repentance
tawhid - oneness of Allah
uloom-al-hadith - hadith sciences
waswas - whisperings of Satan
wudu - a type of ritual purification
zakat - charity given at the end of Ramadan
zina - unlawful sexual relations

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