I just discovered there are two tags and . Neither are listed as having a tag synonym (makruh; makrooh). As far as I'm aware, these are just two transliterations of the same Arabic word.

Question: Can we synonymize the "makruh" and "makrooh" tags?

I'd suggest one myself, only I don't know which one is the best transliteration to choose. I'd guess the best is "makruh" because the of the Wikipedia page Makruh.

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    I have now created the makrooh->makruh synonym, and merged the two tags.
    – goldPseudo Mod
    Jan 16, 2017 at 1:28

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I would recommend makrooh because in the same wikipedia it says makrooh or makrūh. It is not u but ū. So we rather go with the more accurate and easier to use one. Plus the transliteration of Al-Isra (17) verse 38 which has this word uses oo not ū.

Based on the concensus here, lets go for makruh


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