Since the first day, I have seen lots of posts that don't take advantage of Stack Exchanges formatting options. This makes the question really hard to read. So, I have a few suggestions:

  • If you are creating a post, please take the time to make it visually appealing i.e. we use a lot of quotes on this site. Make it look like one.
  • If you see a post that did not do the above, please take the time to make an edit to make the post more visually appealing. This will only benefit the site.

This will only benefit the site. If people who have never seen the site before see poorly formatted posts, they will be less inclined to use our site.


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For help about what Dynamic said look at the top right of the text-entry field when you're posting a question or an answer, you will see a gold circle with a question mark in it. Click it and it will give you a summery of how to format text, it talks about posting code lists styling/headers etc. You can also use the advanced help if you need more help, or want to learn more.

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