Are questions of type "Is X product/service of Y company halal?, "Is Z company halal?" allowed here (example)?

Or if they should be flagged, what's the appropriate flag to use?


Intrinsically, I don't see that they should be off-topic here (presuming of course that they don't cross the line into spam). Ideally it could be generalized such that it applies to more than exactly one business, but not everything needs to (or even can) fit into that perfect sphere of maximal general usefulness.

However, questions such as those you linked are problematic for another reason: There's a significant dearth of details. Basically, what it's doing is asking someone to go through every single aspect of Z company's business model and give a definitive ruling that it as a whole is "halal/haram".

Should this question then be closed as too broad? I don't know; I'm neither an expert in formulating such fatawa nor have I perused the details of the business to know the depth of research required to even begin to formulate such a fatwa.

As a general rule-of-thumb, questions asking whether something is (or is not) haram should at least have a reasonable cause to believe that it's something that could be haram in the first place. As written, it neither indicates what exactly aspect of the business would potentially be haram in the first place, nor why the previously-read article on MLM schemes wouldn't (shouldn't?) apply. This, to me, is a more-than-attainable bar for research effort on any such question, and if included would at least give potential answerers something to work with.

As such, I would recommend downvoting the question, as it "does not show any research effort". Whether it deserves more than that, I'd defer to an actual expert in the field.

But no, I wouldn't consider it off-topic at all.

  • Fair enough, thanks!
    – ozbek
    Aug 13 '15 at 4:10

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