I don't mean to say this to hurt or offend anyone, because your help is excellent. However a scholarly opinion is the best sought, I'm saying this so as to help you.


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Scholarly opinions are exactly that: Opinions. And depending on what the questioner wants, there's no reason to believe those opinions are any more or less valid just because they come from a scholar (this often falls afoul of the "Appeal to Authority" fallacy, see also: What is a fallacy, and why is it so bad?).

The onus is on the questioner to ask their question in such a way as to attract the right answers. Unless the question explains exactly which scholarly opinion it wants (or if it even wants one in the first place), presenting opinions the questioner doesn't ask for, just because they're from fatwas, doesn't really help them. And if we as a site are only asking questions that can already be answered by existing linkable fatawa, then we're really not making the Internet a better place, we're just regurgitating the same information that's already out there.

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