Inspired from a post in christianitySE... thought even IslamSE should have a list of its top questions in the decreasing order of number of views.

Most Views (you can change the number by editing it as u like)

Another tour for an enthusiast to capture contemporary issues based on their popularity. Apart from top votes.

Still want some insights, you can cover as many possible from this list of favorite queries.

Or you can peek into the most controversial questions which have been asked.

Or the other way around, you can find the creamy posts/answers from top answerers in this site.

The above things are for you to help explore the interesting things in this site. But remember the whole site is interesting.

Have fun!

May the creator guide us all.


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A hidden feature on StackExchange sites is the greatest hits which lists the top 1000 questions according to the following:

Questions that got a large amount of views or a large amount of feedback.

The current algorithm divides the number of page views with the total amount of question and answer feedback received (adding a bonus for high view counts), excluding questions with less views than the median :- 297.

The top 5 are:

  1. In Islam, are there limits on sex between a married couple?
  2. How many Sunnat rakats are there in Jumma prayer?
  3. When does the time for fajr prayer end?
  4. Why is homosexuality a sin if Allah made me this way?
  5. Is it haram to visualize having sex?

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