As proposed back in the day, and inspired/plagiarized from Mi Yodeya...

A glossary!

This is for Islam-related terms that come up on [the main site] (http://islam.stackexchange.com) whose meanings people may well not know.

To search this glossary for (e.g.) ``, type

is:answer inquestion:this

In the search box at the top-right corner of this page and hit .

If you want the definition of a term you came across on the site, please add it without a definition, and (hopefully) someone will define it.

To those who follow a link here: If you see an answer that's inaccurate or misleading, or could be better, please go ahead and modify it if you have the knowledge.

Here's a general format for a simple entry:

** - English** (along with any common variants)

Definition goes here, or a link to the term's tag wiki if there is one, possibly a link to Wikipedia or other reference.

  • I'll add a few myself when I get a chance. For now, if you're confused about the format an answer should take, please check the Mi Yodeya examples (and please make your answers community wiki). Mar 11, 2015 at 20:59


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