As you enter the main Islam chat, you find the banner "ISIS related discussion not allowed", although we have a policy that political discussions in chat are to be allowed. Yet the mod chooses to enforce this constraint which is problematic. Also ISIS related issues can be handled in a high quality academic manner as we can see here. Hence I find no reason to ban discussion and questions related to ISIS in at least chat.

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There's no reason politics needs to be off-topic in chat. The problem is, some users were unwilling and/or unable to discuss that particular topic reasonably and professionally, and despite multiple warnings I still needed to flag and suspend multiple users for behaving non-constructively while discussing it.

It was not conducive to maintaining a civil environment in the chatroom, I had yet to see any actual value come forth whenever the topic was brought up, and I was quite frankly sick of dealing with it. So I called a moratorium on the topic entirely in the main chat room.

If you want to discuss it, just open a new chat room and talk about it there; there's really nothing stopping you. But if the discussions continue to devolve into unprofessional behaviour and attacks, there will just end up being further suspensions involved.

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