This is my answer:


I used verses about رسل that is not limited to prophets. but instead they can be prophet or Imam.

I do not understand why this is deleted. it is answering the question with different possible points.

It is good practice to mod who wants to delete a post leave a comment saying the reason.

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It had content problem. The answer had to be filtered out all that text. It wasn't clear and specific.

I did choose Looks Good when it landed in my Low Quality Review queue and I standby it because although it had a lot of noise and incoherence but it did get around partially and somewhat unconvincingly answer the question. Therefore it didn't deserve a delete but DV and a constructive critique would have been in-place.


  • Show it some editing love
  • Clean it up
  • Link the facts
  • Make them coherent
  • Make sure you make it obvious and evident why the fact that is being stated is relevant to the answer.

Do that and get back to meta to ask the community if the issues has been resolved and the answer can be undeleted.

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