I recently noticed series of answers that are completely bolded. I agree that bolding is good for emphasizing main points of a post, however, if everything is emphasized, nothing is actually emphasized.

Moreover, my personal opinion is that, such answers stand out so much that they are unpleasant to look at.

Therefore, I suggest that those should be edited on-sight and normalized.

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If you see a poorly formatted post, you can edit it. That's what the edit feature is for. As they say on Wikipedia, be bold (in this case, be bold by unbolding)


Such answers are mostly provided by new users (observed). They should be edited out and the emphasis removed and only the part that matters be emphasized. They stand out with a negative impression (imposing and dogmatic) rather then positive.

Similar discussion was previously brought up in Big mass of ill formatted and put posts.

I personally don't even like to read them (unpleasant).

It's more psychological. When the answer's content doesn't completely or partially satisfy the question it's made bold to make-up for it and give a hollow impression of a good answer. Not the only reason though.

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